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The IoV system is susceptible to various security and privacy hazards. In other words, they also suffer from the problems of complicated operations, scalability and consume lots of computing time. Therefore, a light security system is needed to ensure protection from a variety of known and unknown threats. This study would like to propose a high efficiency, flexible and scalable mechanism to deal with the security transmissions in IoV. This study only exploits XOR operations and hash functions to achieve this agreement.

Correspondingly, an and bn are the weights of the weighted calculation, which are given in Table 2. Once the business traffic passes through the local offloading edge node, it is difficult to effectively monitor and manage it. If the UPF configuration is improper, there may also be the risk of offloading UPF traffic to other MEC platforms. The attacker unloads a large number of computing tasks or malicious transition to a specific MEC server, resulting in an oversupply of workload resources between the servers in the MEC, which may cause other users to time out and exhaust computing resources.

Else the source vehicle Vxyi and the destination vehicle Vwzj belong to the different LCAx authority and RSU authority, then RSUy and RSUz exploit ECDSA signature agreement to perform the secure data transmission. Following these steps above, then every vehicle, RSU, LCA and GCA can utilise the same system key to encipher and decipher the transmitteVSPd data, and thus complete the secure data transmission of IoV. Subsequently, Vi figures out ViP as its public key, where P is a generator of ECC.

Consequently, LCAx signs the entire data using its private key, and then sends the signature result to GCA. Ericsson is one of the driving forces behind the establishment of a Swedish government-supported collaboration with bearing manufacturing company SKF and Chalmers University of Technology, called the 5G Enabled Manufacturing project. Our mission was to use 5g master key article  networks and technology to facilitate simultaneous product customization and maximum production output – without sacrificing flexibility, traceability, sustainability, or safety. We did this by creating a network of connected machines that allow manufacturers to collect, analyze, and distribute data in real time.

Identity-based encryption is the faster version of role-based classification. In these methods, the users are allowed to access the data using their identity as a way of authentication. This scheme is first implemented in proxy servers for revoking the unauthorized users.